May 15

Affiliate marketing for beginners 2022 | BEST tutorial for FREE traffic methods


If you’re looking to learn how to use in 2022, this is the video for you. In this video I break down the different ways you can through and how I do it. I also show you how to avoid using your social security number.

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Here are the links discussed in this video:
Tools I use to do research on YouTube:
– Keywords everywhere (how much traffic a word gets each month) –
-Tubebuddy ( to find out if I can rank for a specific word) –
How I through on my blog –
How to apply for an EIN number –
How to use the Amazon Assoicates program –

Timestamp: 00:00
What is Affiliate Marketing – 00:59
How to find out if a company has an affiliate program: 02:11
through affiliate marketing using social media: 06:10
through affiliate marketing through YouTube: 08:22
How to through your blog: 13:46
How to avoid using your social security number: 14:46

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